SRMnR Policies

General School policies: – Scoil Rince Mona Ni Rodaigh

  1. Dancers are to be dropped off and collected promptly. Parents please do not engage in lengthy discussions with teachers during class time. This takes time away from dancers being taught.
  2. If parents/dancers need to contact teachers, they can do so outside of class time via our emails addresses. In case of emergency, please use our phone numbers.
  3. Fees for classes should be paid at the BEGINNING of class. Please do not have teachers asking for payment (up to weeks) after class. This applies to both term payments and ‘pay as you go classes’. 
  4. Policies about fees are available to view under the ‘Class Fees’ tab of the website.
  5. We ask that all dancers familiarise themselves with costume policies which are also on our website.
  6. SRMnR operate a ‘clean eating’ policy at our classes. This means that NO junk food (crisps, sweets, fizzy drinks) are permitted in class. Water is all any dancer needs for thirst and snacks should encourage healthy eating.
  7. Mobile Phone policy- dancers who bring a phone to class must place it in our ‘phone box’ on arrival. Should they need to use the phone they are welcome to do so however all phones MUST be in the box during class.
  8. Any dancer wishing to attend feiseanna should check first with a teacher. There may well be valid reasons as to why a dancer should not attend a feis. We ask that dancers & parents trust teachers in this regard and respect the wishes of teachers who ask that dancers attend/don’t attend a certain feis.
  9. SRMnR operates a ZERO TOLERANCE approach to bullying in any form. We have an inclusive ethos at the very core of our school and we encourage inclusion always.
  10. We respectfully request that dancers over the age of 18 who wish to indulge in the enjoyment of alcohol at dancing events do so in a responsible manner and OUT of class costume.
  11. SRMnR has a ZERO TOLERANCE approach to substance abuse. Dancers deemed to be in violation of this will be immediately dismissed. Dancing is a child-centred activity and the safety and well-being of ALL our dancers is paramount.
  12. Dancers wearing school tracksuits/costumes are not permitted to engage in anti-social behaviour. The dancing community is a small one and most of our dancers are easily recognised (in or out of school uniform/costume). We expect that our students embrace the ethos of our school always and behave accordingly.


“T.E.A.M” super-policies

We take great pride in céili dancing at SRMnR – our results speak for themselves but we would ask that everyone remind themselves of what it is to be a part of a ‘Red Army’ team-

  • Team spirit- We expect that every dancer appreciates what it is to be a part of a team and what that entails. We expect that team members help each other out, are loyal to each other and the school. As part of our ‘team spirit’ policy we insist that all dancers wear school colours for team practise. All equal, all part of the same team.
  • Effort – We Expect 110% Effort from every single dancer on every single team at every single class/competition. No exceptions.
  • Attendance – We must insist on 100% attendance from every single dancer on every single team. Whilst we appreciate that this will involve sacrifice, both on the part of the dancer & parent, we are simply unable to work with partial teams.

We understand that dancers get sick/injured but we ask that dancers only miss team class in the case of extreme illness.  They can sit and watch (or walk dancing) but at least they will still be aware of corrections/changes. This has been our policy for 50 years- wrap up warm and sit by the radiator! (Obviously if they have a covid/vomiting bug or something that poses a threat to other dancers we would prefer they stay at home).

  • Manners, respect & dignity at all cost. We expect our dancers to treat each other (& us) with respect & dignity. Good manners at class involve being kind to fellow dancers, cleaning up the hall after we’ve used it, communicating fully with teachers and taking correction with grace.



SRMnR Policies